Beware of promoters who book People Scam Online

There are good and bad books supporters on the Internet. As a writer with a couple of books and some online articles, I get e-mails from people to promote my eBook will be published. The online marketers try to coax me to allow them to use the eBook on their website, including the pages and text, promising to help me market my company, through links back to your website.

Do not be self-centered, but the company is very highly ranked keywords in my target market, and since 1996, we know what we're doing, and certainly do not need anyone & # 39; s help to do it. Only potatoes will be worthless to me all these amateurs tell promote your business. Not only do not need any more business, it is a slap in the face that they think that it's better than us, as he has been doing, and are doing better than our competitors a decade the Internet.

wrote the car wash fundraiser book was written to help people, not market your company. I think most of the industry's online support eBook whores sick, some are certainly legitimate, but they are few and far between. Many simply scum, they promote crap, trash and put up the hype all over the Internet and can not find anything you are looking for.

If eBook marketers have made the book on their site, you can reduce the number of Google search engine ranking "Car Wash Fundraisers" and re-direct traffic to your site. So sell your own site and re-direct users who are interested in my "Free Online eBook" an expensive hype eBook how to make a million dollars in lingerie stuffing envelopes 2 days; 3 days a week while looking for new and improved "Buns steals Video", and you can have all this and more free Ginzu knives, it has now; It was Providers? Yah right!

In addition, many of these websites are very salesy and sell sucks and deceiving the people. My information is designed to help people not twist them to buy an inflated worthless trinkets on the Internet. I'm sick of this BS. And anyone with a legitimate online sales of quality and informative books should be nervous.

If the assist people who sell books anyway you need to be sure that the people you associate with, are not available with other people who are scam artists. I hate cheaters, they temper and sell crap on the internet and get people to make it difficult for a real decent people on the Internet. You should be as nervous as I am, though I'm not selling anything on the Internet. I'm sick and tired of worthless, spineless, weakness, family, supporters of garbage on the Internet. Everywhere I look, many scam artists, selling crap, worthless junk.

In my case, my free eBook in the world, and the information is true and decades of knowledge; I do not want to promote a business, I want to "give" information ", worthy information," the world's "free," what's wrong with that? It is a crime to help people? Unfortunately, all the good people out there in the real world and worthy knowledge sell books or sell them, there are 10 scammers selling hype and crap that anyone stupid enough to pay them. It seems everyone has something stupid profitmotívummal everything you do? What deals? This is the way all everyone thinks the Internet?

Why is everyone caught categorized promoter of some worthless crap like them, simply because I write articles and submit them to the Internet? Many books promoters tried to recruit my writing talent, assuming that this would reduce my level of ethics and tie them together in some kind of internet hype scam people. I do not like them, I dare to assume that. Foam. I would like these people to stay away from me. I do not want them around, or a related noble efforts to help people to think or free information to them.

Recently returned e-mail, an online eBook hype type marketer who is so busy bragging that he can promote anything that he did not hear what I said when I told him that I did not interested in the least. Continually send me so I sent him an e-mail to:

"I'm sorry, just do not let it go, I'm going to sound off; Listen you son of a bitch, he wrote that the eBook about Car Wash Fundraisers to help people, athletes and so funds need young people desperate to help the children grow up with the values ​​of learning and teamwork. I do not promote my business.

Because I assume that I wrote that book or in writing, to help the purpose of the global financial gain, it is very annoying because to even think for a moment that someone supports the book, and then pay me back into use to help your company insult.. not everyone is dis original and think like .. you do not support trinket crap on the internet Some people want to help the people it & # 39;.. and what I think "

there is nothing wrong, make a profit, but it has been completely insulted me, that's the reason that I would never do business with you. I wanted to make sure he knew the reason is because they think that I could change my mind, if necessary business. Let me tell you, if I lived in a cardboard box, I would have the same answer. It seems to believe that my motives and all businessmen motives just to make money. How dare you categorize noble intentions. Damn, you bastard, I thank you for listening. "

Dear World, just because I have written several online articles on the Internet than anyone else, it does not mean that I can lower the ethical promote crap. If you stay a cheating the hell away or I will a credible and notorized complaint statement to the FTC. and do not for a minute think I do not like I had the forms ready and there is a notary public bank, the MBE next door to the post it.

that every honest, fair and hardworking writers and promotional article submitter, I salute you for all you do. I believe in you, and your efforts to get the information to the human race and drive the knowledge of the world. We ask that everyone keep the Internet clean. Think about this.

Source by Lance Winslow

Weekly Review: SAO Short

Hello, and welcome back a week anime! This week we take a look at the YouTube sensation Sword Art Online: Abridged. a group of individuals known to have some fun witty parody produced by. The group has established the series as a parody of the already popular series Sword Art Online, and quickly caught. In addition to expert editing skills some incredibly humorous dialogue are just some of the reasons the series & # 39; popularity. Something witty entertainment also gained a lot of respect every episode starts out to clarify the original series is owned by specific companies that need the audience to support the official release. This includes the seeds, and it also looks good, as they support the already successful franchise.

So not seen or heard anything Sword Art Online? Really? Well, the series is a young teenager named Kazuto who joins the world of Sword Art Online, an incredible breakthrough in virtual reality MMORPG. However, as Kazuto and tens of thousands like him quickly realize the game is a death trap. They soon find themselves trapped in a virtual world, the only hope of escape is to clear all the 100 Aincrad floor and beat the game. If you happen to die in the game, even in life. In this game, known Kazuto stood out, a solo, floor clearing beast & # 39; and reckless fighting style first gained him several nicknames. All the other characters get a lot of support, such as Klein, and our Agil. In order that the & # 39; Based on the go and do not watch. I mean, it & # 39; Netflix and English. Now go!

Back parody. Yes, it's in English, in case you are curious. The story follows that of the original roughly, the finer details of changes see the editors. The beast is a person stood out even an animal, but he is up to the patient mannered parody. He also joined a supportive we & # 39; s personality was a fun twist, like a fanatic, crazy, such a racist girl. While the assets of the parody is to give us a good giggle, the story is still surprisingly exciting. Some even say that between the romantic and we stood out better than the original series, not to mention stood out & # 39; s character development is much better, at least in my opinion.

The parody has become part of my life now. Every time I see a clip from the original Sword Art Online Edition I can immediately think of the parody too. This complements the original series very well and have a nice laugh, which is the complete opposite vibe of the original series. I suggest that this is a clock, it & # 39; s on YouTube, it is free. Do not worry about not being able to follow if you have not seen the original, not a parody surprisingly good job of explaining the story.

Source by Kyle W Hawk

Traditional Vs Online Magazines Magazines – short-term and long-term milling Win

I get a paper version of Inc. magazine every month, delivered to my friendly postman. He & # 39; What he produced us for years. The magazine comes free, though I can not recall how and why this arrangement was, maybe it was the remnant of sky miles programs remained unused by airlines or for which I & # 39; ll never accumulate enough miles nothing. I love Inc. magazine, and I think a lot of interesting and thought-provoking article, if you find them. March 2010 issue, for example, the reader first checks the content page brief profiles of six, accompanied by a large photograph on page 14 is a letter to the editor and mail reader is 17 pages (hopefully email).

If we want to be generous and do not refer to the inside cover than an actual page, the reader is provided with three pages of content on the first page 17 of the magazine, or the rate of 82% advertising 18% content. Continuing on page 41, you have about 14 pages of content out 24 pages, which is a happier ratio of 42% to 52% of the content of the advertisements. Overall, the first 41 pages found 17 pages of content which translates to roughly 40% reading and 60% advertising. Of course, if you have the patience, I have analyzed all the pages of the magazine. But a quick Google search led me to a site called, which states that the average (traditional) magazine about 50/50 of ads and content. Overall, I guarantee you I'm down and dirty research to somewhere relatively accurate completely anecdotal and false. Do not hesitate to contact me from browsing the pages of their magazine ads versus content of due diligence and subsequent findings prove otherwise!

Let & # 39; Inc. Magazine and compare the findings of an online magazine. I estimate that the online magazine I review the day's rate of 60% to 40% advertising content, which is much better than the paper-based version Inc., or estimate. However, and this is an important exception when the reader selects an online article read, the content is always displayed. The traditional magazine, you & # 39; and slightly more challenging, and certainly it takes more time to find the table of contents, then arrives on page 41 to read the article by publishing the letter. We all have a tendency to browse a paper-based journals per side until an article catches the eye.

It & # 39; It s rare that a paper magazine is displayed in the house. From time to time you may receive a promotional copy, but the online willingness to continue to grow. We get the New York Times Sunday despite being questioned how long we will continue to subscribe to the paper version. The Boston Globe and Boston magazine delivery day is long past. We will continue to include virtual and online content consumption-oriented way, which is easier, faster and more environmentally friendly. It seems that cite Yahoo, blogs and online resources far more than what I say, "I read an interesting article in the paper."

Consequently, I think there is no doubt that online magazines on the right path to the content and delivery terms. True, there are a few things you could do to enhance the reader's experience. For example, they could be placed all the ads on the content instead of the right upper and right. They did not know that the most courageous and easily visible to the average reader. They also added a graphical interface for readers, writers, and maybe even you are able to post pictures. However, these invaluable service to the writer and the reader are both searchable and detailed content, free of charge, providing opportunities for new writers to publish and is an environmentally friendly, paperless system that is sure to make the traditional paper-based journals obsolete in the next decade. In my opinion, although early in the game, the score 1 watch online magazine, paper-based periodicals 0, in what is almost certain to be a long-term path.

Source by Alan Blume

DIY Sports Betting System Review

set DIY Sports Betting PDF books available on the Internet. It was written by Sam Oconnel who provides a five-year winning streak by using the information in a recreational bettor.

system comes complete with the NFL, which is based on the point spread and past performance is widespread in certain situations. It also has some other useful charts, including a comparison of the motivation of the team is playing. Own, this system is very good. After 4 weeks of the 2010 season, he won 58.3 percent of the 7-5 record in my testing.

It also comes with a system similar to the NBA, also in the spread. It should produce results similar to the NFL system comparable in terms of ease of use. Both systems can be easily printable diagrams of all files. There is no wasted time, paper, or organizations in the wind.

The most important book deals mainly with the lists of the NFL and NBA betting system, but it also explains how to build systems for other sports. It all comes down to find motivated team in a good position.

He also goes to the management of money, which is essential to winning. Some advice is a little extreme for accounting purposes, but the basic premise sounds. Always bet the same amount on each game, each sport. No progressive betting, ever.

Overall, DIY sports betting systems are one of the cheapest and also one of the best. The user-friendly, it works and saves a lot of time finding games to bet.

Source by John Labelman

How to sell books from the Book Fair or the Convention

When I signed a contract to rent a small premium to release my mystery novel, I knew that the impression is more focused on digital sales than in print. The book was published in paperback books and Kindle year after the revolution, so I found it challenging to market a digital version of the book, which is also a more affordable format. Today, however, many readers ask about the availability of eBook instead of my books in print, and while I am writing all the time to promote the book fair and disadvantages of selling books has always proved to be a challenge. In these days, is now available many useful tools, and so are you.

Whether or first author of the recently opened list on the back in a digital format, you can sell books available. Set the table with copyright, as he usually did, and let readers know the proper signals to digital books can be purchased on the spot and even start to read them there.

selling books an event

You & # 39; ll need the following ingredients to a successful eBook sales company:

1) Laptop, Tablet / Mobile Device and Working Conditions Internet / WiFi connection. If you do not have a mobile subscription, check ahead to a WiFi connection to the site. If you have a MiFi device that you use the internet on the go, make sure you & # 39; and fully charged on the day of the event, and you have access to emergency recharging socket.

2) applications Cloud storage files (mobile). If you have a laptop, you can store all your digital files to a directory and send them to sell. Mobile users need a cloud application that allows you to email files instantly. I use Dropbox for my books because their folder where I keep the books, and it's easy to use.

3) online payment system. In the past, only cash books, but thanks to applications such as Paypal and SquareUp & # 39; s new mobile system can accept credit cards through my pills. A card swiper device for customers to buy immediately or can input data into the software. You can also email receipts upon request.

Of course, while sales of books is a live event easier now, the question arises: "How eBook autograph?" I & # 39; It found that the authors have been creative in solving this problem. Dedicated to book tickets for the reader & # 39; s Kindle or Nook, PDF format on the front page or cover with a signature and a cap autographed postcards are a few ideas you can consider.

Several readers interested in books, it increases the opportunity to sell at fairs, conventions and other events. Not shy of congestion in addition to the books in print titles. You may have to terminate the sales brochure.

Source by Kathryn Lively

Why the environment matters a Play School

The increasing popularity of the game in the schools and parents more aware of children & # 39; s early education, selecting the right nursery is a decision that can make a huge difference in laying the foundation for a bright future. As you rightly said that schooling is the first step to separate, it is important that parents are the best choice to ensure a prosperous, happy and satisfying learning experience for the child.

The environment in a kindergarten is an important factor to be taken into consideration when you go through the list of schools. While most schools now boast of learning methods and equipment, the environment also plays a crucial role in shaping the mind and attitude of the little children. The atmosphere is very friendly and have a school to give children complete freedom to nurture their talents, skills and abilities. Learning and fun at the same time can also go to the overall development of the child. Love and care should be the foundation for all preschool, for children only develop strong roots in the future.

A nursery is also reported that the growing needs of the child, to ensure a safe and comfortable stay at the school. A school that helps a loving, understanding and caring atmosphere for children to academic preparedness and inculcates discipline and manners in them. In such an environment, children learn to adjust to new people and encourages them to reach their highest potential.

In addition, parents should also look for the quality of staff in the nursery owner. It is worth noting that along with the teachers and staff members a great learning experience that small. As a parent, you & # 39; It s your responsibility to make sure that the school plans to select sufficient staff to take a shower with plenty of love, attention and care of the child. What is the rate of child and student in the classroom? Inquire about this school authorities. Is it prepared to handle difficult situations? To do this, you can browse the web and read reviews or recommendations posted on his website. If you have a special needs child to ask the teacher if you have the facilities in place these needs immediately. The brand value and recognition, the school must also be considered.

There is absolutely no dearth of nursery schools out there, and & # 39; s up to the parents & # 39; discretion to choose a nursery that is a fun learning environment for the children. Parents should visit the school regularly to know how your child spends / her day at school. There should be a well-designed curriculum provides a well-rounded development of your child.

Preschool years are the most critical time in a child & # 39; s life, so make sure you have spent an enormous joy, positivity and happiness. Choose a school, where love blossoms, and child care and attention under the guidance of professionally trained teachers.

Source by Surbhi Dhyani

Ezines – What are they and why use them?

Think of your favorite magazines. The articles and advice was interested, and waited for a weekly or monthly editions. The topics were the subject-specific hobby, career or general curiosity, and they were wide enough to allow you to explore areas & # 39; It never is considered.

Some magazines offer "opinion columns" or "reader feedback" and "tell us what you think of" space just for you. Your opinion counts. You, the reader, were the lifeline of the magazine & # 39; s existence. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the world of high-tech sophistication, we have just defined an ezine.

An ezine is nothing more than an electronic magazine. It's also a tool to communicate printed received the same information. Newspapers are delivered through the mail to those who "subscribe". Ezines are delivered via e-mail to people who subscribe to.

Unlike magazines, ezines are generally free, and many thousands are selected that almost any topic you might consider. Nothing is too distant, or strained the imagination.

Subscribe to an ezine like to join a club of people who have the same interests. Ezines are in the culinary arts, home and garden, interior, spiritual and inspirational, educational, business, writing, marketing and promotion, training, and the list goes on and on. Up interest in writing articles ezines or develop their own ezine, you need to know the options available and how to access them. Prior to starting your own ezine, take the time to look on the Internet, visit various ezines and explore the topic.

ezines thrive on quality content and credibility of author. People subscribe to an ezine because they need advice or information request extensive research on a particular topic. As the editor, it is responsible to ensure that this is done, which means you must know the subject, so make sure you get articles. One way to guarantee your success, take the time to write a few articles.

"learning by doing" is the key that the success of any endeavor. If you want to publish your ezine, you must understand that the nuts and bolts of setting up and development. This will only occur, and actual performance of the functions required tasks yourself. Remember the name and reputation of public communication is very connected to this.

Why Consider developing ezine?

An ezine is a marketing tool that drives traffic to your web site. It & # 39; and the "carrot", the "draw" of what you want your visitors to actually see. The site of the selling points of the product or service. Ezine is a powerful tool for leading potential customers to the site.

Let & # 39; and even a look at the printed magazine. What do you think of a part covers the costs of publication? It & # 39; s right !! The products and services advertised. Every time you read an article on the subscriber, then you've got is that it has led to a product or service sold to the magazine. The same happens if the ezine. Most of the articles arouse topics that could lead the reader to a product or service offered for sale on the website. Yes, the first start-up creation of your ezine can be time consuming, but it's one of the best sources of products and services that link around. Write plans to take it slow and determined to be successful.

Source by Theresa V. Wilson

Simple Bookbinding Nathan DeStephano – Exposed!

Do you want a reliable way to bind a script, a novel, an essay, an ebook, or a similar project? If the answer is yes, "Easy Bookbinding" might be exactly how resource you are looking for. But this is not true for everyone. Let me explain.

First of all, $ 49 is a lot of money to spend on an e-book DIY book binding. It & # 39; and the current going rate DeStephano Nathan & # 39; and "Easy Bookbinding" Of course – although there is a warning on the website (which has been there for over 2 years) that the price of & # 39; could & # 39; $ 98 goes up every moment.

The sales letter site "Easy Bookbinding" really saw me off the first time, and it almost kept me buying an e-book. Apart from the empty threats price, the page contains 6 scripts profit after 37 points, a lot of bold red headlines and highlighted in yellow light sentences, and many hyped up sales copy.

Do not put off by this site!

I finally took a chance and spent $ 49 of their hard-earned money to buy a copy of the book – and a & # 39; m so he was happy.

Personal bookbinder journey started when I read a blog post turned physical books to books at home. As a fan of the books (PDF pre-Kindle-style), and a growing pile of them that wish to print and bind, without punching holes and three ring binders, I gave it a try. In the past, the process has worked very well, and I was hooked.

Like, I wanted to learn more about the process, so I could improve my results. I searched high and low, and mostly found on websites made from old public domain books on the subject.

do not intend to sew together leather covers books or hand tools. A nice paperback fine for my needs.

Throughout my research I came across "Easy Bookbinding" Nathan DeStephano. This eBook was the only thing there for teaching what he wanted to know. But that was the sales letter, make me doubt the quality of the ebook. Perhaps Nathan is just a crook, and the book re-hash of old texts, like everything else I found.

When I opened the copy, I was surprised at how complete it is. Nathan goes very strict detail the format of books, paper selection and building your own blade binding. Every detail is covered with imperial and metric measurements, so the book works well for anyone who reads English.

laminating the trick he had provided includes the common lamination equipment radically affect the professional look of the books that way. I can print color covers for my inkjet printer, and get a nice lasting finish that prevents drops and spills (or even a couple of sweaty hands) destroys a blanket. The bonus report helped to create a hardcover copy of "Easy Bookbinding" ebook hardcovers. This book is now sitting proudly on a shelf is easily accessible.

If you're looking for a book to show you how to create a & # 39; art book & # 39; Old World craftsmanship and the use of fine leather-bound edition of workmanship, look – this is not for you.

But, if you want a reliable way tied to a script, a novel, an essay, an ebook, or similar projects, "Easy Bookbinding" provides a very solid foundation for the bookbinding work. The e-book to save hours of trial and error.

Source by Andrew Seltz

How to write a good introduction to the ebook

A good introduction compulsory eBook. After all, read books is difficult, and requires a large investment of time. It should be a good introduction.

But how?

How to write a good introduction to the book? How to write an introduction that grabs the reader, and especially those reading the rest of this book?

Here are five techniques that grab the reader introductions.

1. You ask. The questions are great for focusing the reader & # 39; s attention. Questions for people to stop and think. And if you ask the right questions, you & # 39; ll for the reader to sit and listen. What are the right questions? These are questions for the reader to read the eBook. Your eBook physical activity? What if it asks the reader & # 39; and the muscles hurt? Or asking if they know that the simple exercise of the right way to lose weight?

2. You can make a contradictory statement of opinion. "Exercise is bad for you & # 39; This makes the coach potatoes will stop and listen (In fact, the enhanced training potatoes – probably not) or at least to raise the hackles some personal trainers Depending on the audience that you might have… the only reaction you need to get people to read the rest of the eBook.

3. you can make the accusation. "ebook writers can not be said to know everything!" but be careful with this technique. Pick the wrong man, and you might find yourself being kneecapped one night. (it's too late for me!) But it can be even more important to find a reader that is off negative attacks.

4 you promises "in this book, you & # 39th; you'll find the only real solution to getting toothpaste in the sink "again, knowing what the reader & # 39;!. s main fears, dreams and problems, the aim is to promise that the solution to the most affected

5. I can tell a story. parable is one of the oldest known forms of education. They were, and are used in many ancient cultures. some survive and some do not. and in some cases, but the story remains, passed down through different cultures also studied the same story. Why are these stories took you so long? Why is it so strong as in the introduction? Because contact two people with a basic level. they say to the reader, "We are the same, you and I feel the same way. "and it shows real empathy is the only sure way to help the two men agree.

Source by Glen Ford

The Pros and Cons of Using Social Bookmarking

Many people use the navigator toolbar to save all the website URLs they want to visit at a later date. However, when they encounter a very useful site and would like to share, you can email all of your friends to tell them the location. Instead of a full e-mail address book is a new trend in sharing websites, social bookmarking it.

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking service allows users to save their favorite pages and labeling. This is useful because the next time a user must find a particular bookmark, you can earn a Member word to find the site. In addition, a bookmark feature is useful for everyone on the Internet as a bookmark sharing information.


is a bookmark feature is easy to use. Users never need to worry about just your own personal computer to access your bookmarks. The service allows you to access your bookmarks from any computer hooked up to the Internet.

Bookmarking is a great way to share your favorite bookmarks with family, friends and colleagues. In particular, the work environment, the ability to work together is an important site becomes a lot easier bookmarking service where your website URL is already stored, ready for use.

Bookmark not only be shared with a circle of acquaintances, but to a much wider audience. Not only is the user & # 39; s favorite website URLs saved everyone can see, but also to see every user online. Then, users comments, and vote for your favorite bookmarks. It will be a great marketing tool as well.

Drawbacks of Social Bookmarking

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to the social bookmarking. One of the most common complaints is the lack of controlled vocabulary words or objects. Sometimes labels misspelled or incorrectly labeled.

Another drawback is that there is no uniform structure than using singular or plural form when tagging bookmarks. No subject words and occasionally some web pages are not tagged at all. This is especially annoying.

Benefits of a personal website

Personal websites are created to be viewed online users. However, the riddle all business owners how to drive more traffic to your own website? Social bookmarking answer this question with the service. Users are more likely to trust a friend who recommends the website, then search engine.

Personal websites will increase your link popularity when you add a bookmark service. The search engines to discover your personal website link social bookmarking service, such as link popularity.

Personal websites gain popularity, even if the owner is connected to other website owners and promote each other & # 39; s products. This is called cross-social bookmarking.


Social bookmarking is a great way to share and store your important or favorite website URLs with family, friends, colleagues and the world.

Source by Scott Lindsay